This week we had a Q&A with one of our stylists Sam to discuss the power of the Sheer Gloss…

What is a Sheer Gloss?
A Sheer Gloss, also knows as a toner, is a semi-permanent colour service that adjusts the tone of your hair. It is commonly used after a lightening treatment, like highlights or balayage, to neutralize, enhance or brighten your hair. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone service to refresh or revitalise the tone of your hair.

Do I need a toner?
Ever had highlights that you thought were a bit brassy? That’s because when hair is bleached it naturally lifts to a warmer tone (think yellow and orange shades). After your hair has been lifted, a toner or Sheer Gloss can help to transform those undertones. Whether you want to create champagne, rose gold waves, or a platinum blonde crop – a toner can help you get the colour you desire.
A toner allows you and your stylist to have more control over your finished look so if this is important to you then we would recommend having one!

How long will it last?
Nothing lasts forever, and this goes for toners too. The healthier your hair, the longer it will last. This is because the more damaged your hair becomes, the more porous it is and the more likely your colour is to fade. Looking after your hair before and after colouring and having regular cuts is the key to make your hair colour last longer.

OK, you’ve won me over… where can I get one?
You’re in luck! It just so happens we are Sheer Gloss experts at Millimetre.
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90s Hair Inspiration

Last month, some wild rumours were flying around that Friends was going to be pulled from Netflix. People lost their minds worrying that they were going to lose their daily dose of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. Eventually, Netflix chimed in on Twitter to reassure fans that Friends wasn’t going anywhere.

As fans, here at Millimetre, we couldn’t be happier! Friends is one of the most iconic 90s TV series – it made us laugh, cry and it also inspired us with looks and hairstyles over the years. To celebrate, we’ve picked our favourite 90s looks. Enjoy…

90s Fashion

90s Fashion

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London Fashion Week 2019

London Fashion Week 2019The New Year just started and here in London we celebrated it with a fresh new Fashion Week.

Oversized and comfy clothes were all over the catwalk. And to be honest, after all the indulgence over the holidays, we’re not complaining!

Don’t need to be shy this season and mix as many colours as you like! We loved the switch between monochromatic fantasies and 90s retro style.

One look that caught our attention was the androgynous collections – one step closer to equality and gender fluidity.

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Tips and Tricks For Using Hairspray

Brought to you by Wella Professionals

Discover how to create versatile hairstyles using hairspray. Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist Darren Ambrose demonstrates how you can prolong sleek straight/curly hair, create voluminous hairstyles and hold hairstyles firmly in place.

The tutorial shows different tips and tricks that can be used to create a range of hairstyles (on straight and curly hair)…

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Find Energy Code

Happy New Year to all our wonderful clients! Whether you’re already smashing your new year’s resolutions or you’re still recovering from a wild New Year’s Eve, it’s good to pause and have a little me time. So why not pop into your local Millimetre for a free, no obligations EnergyCode from System Professional?

EnergyCoding provides a personalized and individualized hair and scalp map, performed by a System Professional consultant.  This diagnosis forms the basis of your recommended treatments and products, completely tailored to your specific hair and scalp needs.

We’ve taken three different people with three different hair types to show you how EnergyCoding works. Here the results…

Julia – V1+X1s+R3
Julia has bleached blond hair, which is very thin and dry from constant colouring. She was in dire need of a decent treatment to make her hair strong and healthy again.

After the EnergyCode Mapping, her stylist found the perfect combination of products for her hair type below…

System Professional Energy Coding

Bianca – B1 + H2 + S3
Bianca has red-tinted hair, with some bleach on the ends. She loves her natural Afro hair and the tone of her hair but find that her scalf is often dry and her colour fades quickly.

Here are the best treatments for her to rid her of flaky scalp and lock in that luxurious red…

Davide – S1 + H2 + B3
Davide has naturally curly, dark hair, that tends to feel dried out very quickly. He is also prone to itchy and flaky scalp when the weather changes season.

His unique EnergyCode delivered products to both hydrate his hair and protect his scalp. Here’s the best solution for him…

System Professional Energy Coding

For us 2019 is the year of taking care of ourselves so why not let us take care of you too? Book an appointment at your local Mm salon or pop in and ask about EnergyCoding.