SALON SECRETS: Make your products go further with Kelly

Salon Secrets with Kelly

Welcome to Millimetre’s Salon Secrets where you can get exclusive tips from hair and beauty professionals. We’ve sat down with our favourite hair stylists and beauticians to get the scoop on the top tips they’ve learned throughout their careers — and not just what they would offer in salon, but … Read More

SUMMER: Top products of the season

Top System Professional Products for Summer

Sunshine, salty hair and sandy toes – that sounds like a summer to us! We are all accustomed to slathering on suntan lotion to protect our skin during hot weather, but sometimes we forgot to protect our hair as well. Your hair is just as susceptible to sun damage, and UV … Read More

5-step guide to our Intense Head Massage

Intense Head Massage Tutorial

There’s nothing quite so relaxing as a scalp massage to balance your mind and body. That’s why at Millimetre, we ensure to make your time on our salon chair as tranquil as possible. If you fancy trying your hand at head massaging skills, check out this 5-step guide video from … Read More