The Beauty of Eyelash Lift and Tint

We recently introduced a new service at the Millimetre Beauty salons: the Eyelash Lift and Tint. Add lift, separation and extra definition to your eyelashes that lasts for 6-8 weeks. A gentle alternative to lash extensions, a lash lift uses a perming technique to add dramatic curl and make eyes appear … Read More

The real winner of the Oscars 2019: the brunette bob!

Best Looks from Oscars 2019

Many of Hollywood’s most famous faces were out for the Academy Awards 2019 – decked out in colourful gowns and beautiful suits, we couldn’t take our eyes off the red carpet. But there was one stand out trend for the night: the brunette bob. Irina Shayk, Maya Rudolph, Emilia Clarke, Charlize … Read More

Introducing purple shampoo from Pureology

Here at the Millimetre Salons we recently introduced a new range from Pureology Strength Cure Best Blonde, a mix between two of their best sellers: Platinum Perfect and Strength Cure. If you lighten your hair, you could benefit from using a purple shampoo, also knows as silver shampoo, to keep your … Read More

Q&A: Do I need a toner?

This week we had a Q&A with one of our stylists Sam to discuss the power of the Sheer Gloss… What is a Sheer Gloss?A Sheer Gloss, also knows as a toner, is a semi-permanent colour service that adjusts the tone of your hair. It is commonly used after a lightening … Read More

90s Fever! Our favourite looks

90s Hair Inspiration

Last month, some wild rumours were flying around that Friends was going to be pulled from Netflix. People lost their minds worrying that they were going to lose their daily dose of Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe. Eventually, Netflix chimed in on Twitter to reassure fans that Friends wasn’t … Read More

Highlights of London Fashion Week Men 2019

London Fashion Week 2019

London Fashion Week 2019The New Year just started and here in London we celebrated it with a fresh new Fashion Week. Oversized and comfy clothes were all over the catwalk. And to be honest, after all the indulgence over the holidays, we’re not complaining! Don’t need to be shy this season … Read More

4 Ways to Use Hairspray (for straight and curly hair)

Tips and Tricks For Using Hairspray

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… Discover how to create versatile hairstyles using hairspray. Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist Darren Ambrose demonstrates how you can prolong sleek straight/curly hair, create voluminous hairstyles and hold hairstyles firmly in place. The tutorial shows different tips and tricks that can be used to … Read More

What is my EnergyCode? Get your free mapping at Millimetre now

Find Energy Code

Happy New Year to all our wonderful clients! Whether you’re already smashing your new year’s resolutions or you’re still recovering from a wild New Year’s Eve, it’s good to pause and have a little me time. So why not pop into your local Millimetre for a free, no obligations EnergyCode from System … Read More

How to stay looking your best over the holidays

Happy Christmas Eve! We hope you’re having a great one wherever you are. During the holidays we can all be guilty of eating/drinking/partying a bit too much. And all the cold weather, socialising and indulgence can take its toll on our hair and skin. Here are our top hair and … Read More