SALON SECRETS WITH KELLY: Save money on masks and last longer between trims

Hair Secrets from the Experts

Welcome back to Millimetre’s Salon Secrets where you can get beauty and hair secrets from the experts – our very own hair and beauty professionals.

This week we had a chat with Kelly, one of our Area Managers. She has been working with Millimetre since 2012, with 13 years of hairdressing experience…

“When you apply a treatment like a hair mask at home, don’t skip the conditioner too. Most people think a mask is enough but these two products can actually work together for super smooth hair.”

“Shampoo and condition your hair as usual, combing through any knots while you’re applying conditioner. Next, towel dry your hair and apply your hair mask. You’ll avoid wasting product while combing your hair and you’ll only use what you need.

Some more great money-saving hair secrets from the experts!

For more advice from Kelly, book an appointment now at our Harrow branch here.

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