GLOW UP: Best skin care tips for Autumn

Autumn Skin

It’s time to say goodbye to the blue skies, holidays, cocktail drinking and tan lines. And hello to curling up by the fire, pumpkin spiced lattes, bonfires and Halloween – Autumn is finally here!

And as we’re changing over out summer wardrobes to cosy jumpers and warm coats, we often forget to change up our skincare routine to match the season.

Here at Millimetre, we’ve pulled together the best skin care tips for you, to save you and your skin from the changing seasons…

Scrub away those dead skin cells with Decléor’s 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator. It helps to combat the effects of dehydrated skin to leave you looking refreshed and revitalised.

Increase your usual exfoliation to twice per week for a month or so until your skin is looking fresh and smooth again!

We know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times but the best thing you can do for your skin is to hydrate and moisturize your skin daily.

The best time to apply your lotion is twice per day after you’ve washed and dried your face. Keep doing this every day for a silky and ageless skin.

Decléor Hydra Floral is one of top favourite picks!

Pucker up
Lips are easy to forget out when it comes to skincare even though they are one of the first thing to show the effects of changing weather – especially in these cold and windy days.

One of the best sellers in our Millimetre Beauty branches is the Decléor Intense Nutrition lip balm. This balm nourishes the feel of lips with moisture, and protects from dryness. Its luxuriant texture melts on the lips; they feel supple and soft, with restored comfort. Enriched with Marjoram essential oil, Shea butter and Macadamia oil, this is one of our must-have fall picks!

From hand to toe
A beautiful manicure or pedicure will help to keep your hands and toes in check until you can dig the flip-flops out of the wardrobe again.

The skin on your hands and feet are susceptible to dryness and cracking as the weather gets colder so make sure to take good care of them!

Book a mani – pedi at your local Mm salon now.

Eat your way to beautiful skin
Last but not least, a good healthy diet will make a big difference in your skin. Natural fats (like those contained in nuts and avocado) and Vitamin C (contained in fruits like oranges and kiwis), will give you a bright and healthy skin that everyone will envy!

Want to know our secret to beautiful skin?  A grapefruit and a handful of almonds per day will keep everyone wondering your real age.

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