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Happy New Year to all our wonderful clients! Whether you’re already smashing your new year’s resolutions or you’re still recovering from a wild New Year’s Eve, it’s good to pause and have a little me time. So why not pop into your local Millimetre for a free, no obligations EnergyCode from System Professional?

EnergyCoding provides a personalized and individualized hair and scalp map, performed by a System Professional consultant.  This diagnosis forms the basis of your recommended treatments and products, completely tailored to your specific hair and scalp needs.

We’ve taken three different people with three different hair types to show you how EnergyCoding works. Here the results…

Julia – V1+X1s+R3
Julia has bleached blond hair, which is very thin and dry from constant colouring. She was in dire need of a decent treatment to make her hair strong and healthy again.

After the EnergyCode Mapping, her stylist found the perfect combination of products for her hair type below…

System Professional Energy Coding

Bianca – B1 + H2 + S3
Bianca has red-tinted hair, with some bleach on the ends. She loves her natural Afro hair and the tone of her hair but find that her scalf is often dry and her colour fades quickly.

Here are the best treatments for her to rid her of flaky scalp and lock in that luxurious red…

Davide – S1 + H2 + B3
Davide has naturally curly, dark hair, that tends to feel dried out very quickly. He is also prone to itchy and flaky scalp when the weather changes season.

His unique EnergyCode delivered products to both hydrate his hair and protect his scalp. Here’s the best solution for him…

System Professional Energy Coding

For us 2019 is the year of taking care of ourselves so why not let us take care of you too? Book an appointment at your local Mm salon or pop in and ask about EnergyCoding.