The Man Perm: Hot new trend alert!

Man Perm Inspiration

Forget everything you thought you knew about perms. No longer are they reserved for 80s icons or 00s Justin Timberlake – we cannot get enough of the man perm! Perms have been cropping up all over the place from K-pop to fashion runways.

Perming involves a chemical treatment where the hair is set with perm rods of varying sizes to give you the perfect curl. The smaller the perm rods, the tighter the curl so you’re in control of the final result. The process usually takes 1-2 hours and you can opt for different types of curls.

Ask your Mm stylist for a tight fade on the side and natural looking curls on the top for an upgrade on the pompadour trend. Or why not go for a looser wave for a more tousled, relaxed style ala Kit Harrington.

Whatever man curls you want to try, Millimetre have got you covered with the man perm starting from just £40. Pop into your local salon to find out more now!