SALON SECRETS: Make your products go further with Kelly

Salon Secrets with Kelly

Welcome to Millimetre’s Salon Secrets where you can get exclusive tips from hair and beauty professionals. We’ve sat down with our favourite hair stylists and beauticians to get the scoop on the top tips they’ve learned throughout their careers — and not just what they would offer in salon, but the techniques they use on their very own precious tresses at home!

This week, we spoke to Kelly, one of our Area Manager. She has been working with Millimetre since 2012, has 13 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry and is sharing her top tips this month…

“When you apply a treatment at home, a lot of people skip the “conditioner” part because they think that apply the mask is enough. My advice to you is to not skip the conditioner part, shampoo and conditioner your hair as usual and make sure to comb through all the nods of your hair while you’re applying the conditioner.

After that, dry towel your hair and apply the treatment/mask, in this way you won’t risk wasting the treatment while combing your hair and you’ll use what you need. Another top tip from me is to have regular trim, this will help to keep your hair healthier and stronger than ever!”

Thanks, Kelly for the tips – think of all the money you’ll save on hair mask and treatments! If you’d like to hear more tips from our hair expert Kelly, you can book an appointment with her at our Harrow salon – call us on 020 8861 5363 or get more info on the salon here.