SALON SECRETS: Serena’s water (and money) saving top tips

Salon Secrets

Introducing Millimetre’s Salon Secrets where you can get exclusive tips from hair and beauty professionals. We’ve sat down with our favourite hair stylists and beauticians to get the scoop on the top tips they’ve learned throughout their careers — and not just what they would offer in salon, but the techniques they use on their very own precious tresses at home!

This week we spoke to Serena who has been with Millimetre since 2016 and has been working in the hair and beauty industry for 16 years…

“Try to avoid washing your hair too often. I know it’s hard but washing every day actually makes your hair greasier!  Try to wash your hair every 3 days – it will be difficult at the beginning but you’ll find that after a bit of time your hair will adjust naturally. Also, remember to only apply conditioner from the middle of your hair to the ends – stay away from the roots!”

Think about all that money you could save on shampoo! If you’d like to hear more tips from our Star Stylist Serena, you can book an appointment with her at our Notting Hill salon – call us on 020 7221 1110 or get more info on the salon here