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Holiday Hair Tips

Here at Millimetre, we love the sunshine – especially for the tanned skin, freckles and sunkissed hair! But if you’re not careful, all those UV rays can damage your hair meaning more to chop off when Autumn comes around. The sun’s rays can break down your hair shaft, whilst salt from the ocean can alter the hair cuticle causing dry, frizzy and weak hair.

This month we sat down with our specialists to discuss the top tips to prevent sun damage to the hair so you can enjoy your holiday without the frizz…

Oil up
Forget that tanning oil – try hair oil instead! We’re always prompted to put sun cream on our skin but we often forget that we also need to protect our hair from the sun’s rays.

A perfect solution for this is System Professional’s Solar Sun Oil. Run 2-3 pumps through the hair with your fingers, focussing on the ends (which dry out faster than the roots and are more susceptible to damage). 

Hats on
Another top tip is to cover your head and hair with a hat, bandana or turban.

This will not only protect your hair but also your scalp and can help you to avoid sunburn, peeling scalp and sunstroke. 

If funds are low check out your local charity shops or vintage stores for a bargain bonnet!

After spending the day in the sunshine, make sure you give your thirsty hair a drink.

Why not try a thirst-quenching hair mask like the Pureology Hydrate Hydra Whip – a nutrient and moisture treatment that it will help your hair to fight dryness and frizziness.

Braid away
To avoid your hair to breaking or getting weaker when you are dipping your toes in the sea or pool, why not try tieing your hair in
a beautiful braid?

You can share your braid snaps and tag us @millimetre_salons in your pictures on Instagram to show all your creations.

Rinse thoroughly
After a swim in the sea or a dip in the pool, remember to rinse your hair as soon as possible.

Salt and chlorine can mess with the structure of your hair or even compromise your colour, so it is highly recommended to rinse your hair after a good swimming session.  

Just do it like @leverflack in her tropical shower!

Drink lots of water
Last but definitely not least, make sure you drink lots of water.

Staying hydrated is very important for your body and skin, but it can also keep your hair healthy. Make sure you’re getting your 2 litres of water per day to keep your hair looking healthy and stunning!

Book your summer hair consultation at your local Mm salon now!

Mens Hair Tips

Dear men everywhere – we all know how important is to take care of ourselves, for a healthy and happy life. Check out our top hair and beauty trends for this 2018…

Get the perfect cut!
One of the biggest trends in men’s hair for 2018 is the classic long on top and very short sides (as modelled below by @streetstyledmenn)

Why not also add some highlights to light up your look too? Gents highlights start from just £50 at Millimetre – find your nearest salon now!

Find the right colour!
2018 is the year to experiment with colour and find out which ashy tones suit you best. With WellaPlex  in all Millimetre salons, we can help you to achieve the colour you want, whilst keeping your hair healthy and strong. We love the looks from @streetstyledmenn.

Another of our fave style gurus is Guy Tang – he is definitely one of the best in market right now with his colour transformations – check out his Instagram feed now.

Braids aren’t just for girls!
Listen up long haired lads – the man bun is no longer your only hair-up option.

Introducing the very cool man braid. Check out @nia1101’s super fast double braids on Instagram now.

Keep it natural!
Natural beauty was all over the catwalk at London Fashion week this year and male trends are following suit.

Keep your eyebrows as natural as possible (like the gorgeous @pietroboselli below) with a little tidy up from our expert beauticians at Millimetre – find your nearest salon to get the right tips for your eyebrow shape.

Face facts!
A healthy lifestyle is the key for a good skin – drink lots of water, eat as healthily as possible and squeeze in a good workout where you can.

To give your skin an extra boost why not book one of our fabulous facials at Millimetre available at our Harrow, Notting Hill and Palmers Green salons.

Do not forget the aftercare as well – we stock a great range of Decléor for Men for all your skincare needs.