5 steps to super sleek hair

Five Steps for Super Sleep Hair

We sat down with Chiara who has been with Millimetre since 2015 and has been working in the hair and beauty industry for 5 years. We asked for her advice and tips for getting super sleek hair and here is what she said… Step 1: Get yourself a good shampoo … Read More

Great hair is coming

Sophie Turner Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 8 starts on 14th April 2019 and we are celebrating the return of our favourite fantasy show by paying homage to Lady Stark and her beautiful hair. Sophie Turner famously goes from blonde to red and back again for her onscreen role as Game of Thrones’ Sansa … Read More

4 Ways to Use Hairspray (for straight and curly hair)

Tips and Tricks For Using Hairspray

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… Discover how to create versatile hairstyles using hairspray. Wella Professionals Global Creative Artist Darren Ambrose demonstrates how you can prolong sleek straight/curly hair, create voluminous hairstyles and hold hairstyles firmly in place. The tutorial shows different tips and tricks that can be used to … Read More

What is my EnergyCode? Get your free mapping at Millimetre now

Find Energy Code

Happy New Year to all our wonderful clients! Whether you’re already smashing your new year’s resolutions or you’re still recovering from a wild New Year’s Eve, it’s good to pause and have a little me time. So why not pop into your local Millimetre for a free, no obligations EnergyCode from System … Read More

HOW TO: Infinity Braid

How To Do An Infinity Braid

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… Wella’s Global Creative Artist, Hester Wernert-Rijn, shows you how to create an Infinity Braid hairstyle in just a few easy steps… Still stuck? Why not book in for a bespoke updo at your local Millimetre salon and we can do it for you? Find … Read More

HOW TO: Winter Waves

How To Create Beach Waves

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… Beach waves aren’t just for summer! Discover how to make those effortless beach waves without having to head off into the sun for a holiday. Wella has created this easy beach waves hair tutorial for an undone glamorous look that will last you all … Read More

HOW TO: Boho Braid

How To Do a Boho Braid

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… Do you love the boho braid look but not sure how to do it? Wella has the perfect hairstyle for a simple but pretty plait. It’s easy to create and perfect for days between hair washing… Still stuck? Why not book in for a … Read More

HOW TO: Pompadour Hairstyle

How To Do A Pompadour Hairstyle

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… At Millimetre salons it’s not all about the ladies – we care about the gents too! Rock your hair with this funky fresh pompadour hairstyle and learn how to style the look with Wella Professionals below… Still stuck? Why not book in for a … Read More

HOW TO: Braided Bun Updo

How To Do A Braided Bun Updo

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… An updo is the perfect look for any event – from an important work meeting to a weekend wedding – if you want to look the part you have to dress the part from head to toe. Learn how to create a beautiful Braided … Read More

HOW TO: Soft curls

How To Do Soft Curls

Brought to you by Wella Professionals… Styling the perfect soft curls is really easy. This hair tutorial from Wella is suitable for any hair type and will teach you how to create soft curls with this step by step video tutorial. In only five very simple steps you can get … Read More